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«Odyssia» apartments are the ideal place for relaxation as well as for excursion to beautiful Symi.

For the visitor, who the monuments are not enough for, and seeks for something more lively, Symi offers its festival every summer, which gathers a lot of people from both Greece and foreign countries.

Live this unique experience traveling to magnificent Symi and be one of the worshippers of the island!!!


Travel to Symi!!! The journey to Symi can be an exceptional experience. From the first inhabitant of the island in the pre-Homeric era, Glafkos, who was one of the best ship-builders and also dealt with sea sponges, to the king of Symi, Nireas, who, taking part in the Trojan war on the side of Agamemnon, sends three ships form his own fleet, and to the famous “Boat of Symi”, which is used by the Sultan as a courier.

In 1912, the island, together with the rest islands of the Dodecanese, came under Italian occupation. On 8th of May 1945, the protocol of the deliverance of the Dodecanese to the allies is signed and on the 7th of March 1948 Symi is incorporated into Greece.
When the landscape becomes clear in front of one’s eyes, one wonders whether what they see is a theatre stage. The houses of Symi dominate the rocks and climb it. Built high, above the sea, the houses are characterized as one of the most remarkable and the best preserved quarters.
The neo-classical houses of Symi, sometimes two-storey and some others three-storey, with the big rooms and the tiled yards, their intense colours (blues, indigo yellow), create this unique image which harmonically joins the unique natural environment.

Symi is an island with great religious tradition. It is well known for the famous monastery «St. Panormitis», built on the bay of Panormos and is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, who is the protector of the island.
(All the information concerning the island come form the Historical Photographical Album by George Kimoulakis “Symi through the eyes of soul”, I. Sideris Editions, 1998).

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